Herzlich Willkommen!


I’m Hannah, and this is my blog. I’m a passionate lifelong learner and over the course of my many, constant investigations I find lots of cool stuff which I think should be shared with the world. I’ll be posting about new things I’ve learned (like scientific studies, observations about human nature, techniques, new skills, recipes, fun words, etc…) and things I’m trying to learn (like – currently – German, and public speaking, and fighting with a glaive).

First, a little bit about me. I’m 23 and a Michigan native. I love reading, swordfighting, rock climbing, board games, computer games, logic puzzles, engineering, sustainability, languages, travel, and tea. I habitually over-schedule my personal life, mostly because I have a tendency to want to do ALL THE THINGS at once. I am at the same time sad that I will never be able to learn everything I want to learn, and happy because that means I will never run out of new challenges. Luckily this means I will have lots of topics to cover here.

So, welcome, and enjoy!


– H


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