Skills: Elocution (BONUS!)

I just arrived back from a wonderful trip to Spain where I spent the week showing off my new-found bilinguality (and eating a lot of cheese). Since I’ve had rhetoric and elocution on the brain lately, I was curious to find if similar elocution exercises exist for other languages. Google searches for “elocution exercises Spanish” didn’t turn up many results, but I did find a long list of Spanish tongue twisters, which are almost as good. They’re called trabalenguas, and here’s a nice long list:


The trouble I’m having with Spanish lately is pronouncing the “rr” properly: it’s very hard for me to roll the letters and still be able to form a word around it. The secret to this, as with any other skill, is practice: saying these tongue twisters a few times a week will help.

Know any fun tongue twisters, in English or any other language? Let me know!


– H


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