New Word Wednesday! “Gruntled”

I really like words, in any language, and there are so many cool ones that deserve more love. So I’m starting a weekly series called New Word Wednesday, where I explore the fun and creative words I find in the world.

The first new word is “gruntled”:


gruntled adjective

  • pleased, satisfied, and contented

Origin: back-formation from disgruntled, first known use 1926



Well this is just fun. Saying “I’m very gruntled to have found this word” puts to mind an image of a really happy pig in a mud bath, grunting as he settles in. I’m amused that disgruntled came first, too. It’s like the joke I’ve seen about how one can be overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, but never simply whelmed…

Enjoy your new word!




2 thoughts on “New Word Wednesday! “Gruntled”

  1. this from Esmerel explains its original meaning though: And are you gruntled yet? The “dis” of disgruntled is not the same as the “dis” of “dismayed.” It means “completely”, and so “gruntled,” just as it sounds, is an old word that means “grumbling.” Today, however, “gruntled” has found its way into dictionaries as a word in its own right. If you look at the origin, you will see that it gives “gruntled” as a back-formation from “disgruntled.” People assumed that “disgruntled” was a negative and invented the word “gruntled

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