Helpful links: News and Interesting Facts

I tend to be very strict with my inbox. I minimize my subscriptions so the only emails that get sent to me are ones I actually want to read. Two such subscriptions that made the cut are TheSkimm and Today I Found Out.

TheSkimm is a weekday news digest that covers all the big news of that day – in their words, “across subject lines and party lines” – and sends out a summary with some clever commentary. They try to keep things humorous (a recent discussion of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine included the phrase “liar liar vodka on fire”), while still being thorough and fair. They admit when they don’t have all the facts and don’t make up information to fill the gaps. TheSkimm is my favorite way to get the news without having to get angry about it.

Today I Found Out is a blog that’s very much in line with my own: every day, they will post about something new and interesting they learned. Topics are wide ranging, from “How the Maximum Occupancy of a Building is Calculated” to “The Town That’s Been Burning for Over Half a Century”. The write ups are straightforward and engaging, and there is a very dangerous looking “Random Knowledge” button if you’re interested in wandering down the internet rabbit hole…

Enjoy the new links and go out and learn!


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