New Word Wednesday: fulgent and refulgent

Happy Wednesday! Here are your new words for the week. They’re close enough they could probably count as a single word, anyway…


fulgent adjective

  • shining brightly

“The project was a fulgent success.”


refulgent adjective

  • shining very brightly

“She looked at me with refulgent blue eyes.”


Origin: late 15th century, from Latin words fulgent- and refulgentfrom re- (expressing intensive force) with the verb fulgere (to shine).


Despite being somewhat ugly sounding words, fulgent and refulgent have pretty meanings. “Refulgent” sounds more like “repulsive” to me. However, since English has a habit of borrowing from whatever language they feel like using at the time, we have ended up with an interesting collection of words to choose from. Compliment someone on their refulgence today! And do let me know what faces they make in response 🙂


  • H




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