Reading: Tor and Shelfari

Not actually what my bookshelf looks like Source:

Not actually what my bookshelf looks like

Despite the fact that my bookshelf is overflowing and my collection of ebooks is threatening to take over my phone, I’m constantly keeping an eye on new sources for reading material. Usually I can keep from buying all the books I find interesting by just adding them to my Amazon wishlist (which is up over 200 items now…), which means that anyone looking for gifts has a huge list to pick from!

Two of my favorite ways of finding out about new books (other than wandering through a used bookstore for hours) are publisher Tor Book’s online magazine, and an email digest called Shelf Awareness. is the online sci-fi / fantasy magazine published by Tor Books. They publish articles on sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and TV shows, convention news, rereads of well-known series and books (such as Harry Potter or the Wheel of Time), interviews with authors and other people in the industry, thoughts on fandom events, compilations of art…there’s tons of stuff. Their email list gets sent out every Thursday, and the articles are fun, but my favorite part is the “New Original Fiction” section. There are a couple new pieces each week, from Tor authors: either short stories or excerpts from new books. There are some really great stories, and it provides access to short fiction that I don’t often get in my regular diet of novels!


Shelf Awareness is the main contributor to my Amazon wish list right now. It’s a twice weekly e-newsletter about books and the book industry. Lists come out of a selection of new books being published that week, selected by industry members. The newsletter also includes some quizzes and articles for book lovers, interviews with authors, and a neat section at the end called Author Buzz. In it, authors write about their books and offer readers a chance to win a copy.

Shelf Awareness doesn’t focus on a particular genre – it has a bit of everything. I find an interesting title in just about every issue, which has been hard on my self-control! Maybe one day I’ll work through my backlog of paper and digital books (not likely)…if that ever happens, I certainly won’t be short on reading material even then!


What are your favorite sources for new books and things to read?




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