New Word Wednesday: internecine

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone’s staying warm. Winter has officially arrived in my part of the world, and with it endless layers of clothing and (equally endless) complaining that, once again, the sun has gone away. Let’s stay warm learning new words!



internecine adjective

  • destructive to both sides in a conflict

  • relating to conflict within a group

Example: “But if you believe that the real fight for power today is an internecine one taking place within the Labour Party rather than between political parties, it seems more than feasible.”

Origin: mid 17th century (in the sense “deadly, characterized by great slaughter”), from Latin internecinus, based on inter- ‘among’ + necare ‘to kill’.


Nuclear warfare is the first internecine act that comes to mind to me: you can’t get much more destructive than mutually assured destruction…

Let’s hope no one finds any other examples for this word, eh?







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